Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Rhinos!

As I mentioned, the Seth’s watched the kids while Katie and I went to Botswana.
When we arrived home late that evening, it was dark already, dinner was made and Cali was asleep.  The Seth’s began to tell us about their amazing day including a Rhino sighting!  I was so stoked!  There are only eight Rhinos in Zambia.  They are all in the Musuo tunya park right next to the Falls.  They are also all under twenty-four hour machine-gunned guard. I asked how/where they saw them hoping to maybe repeat the experience the next day.  Here is how you get to see a Zambian white Rhino:  you enter the gate and drive along the river to the far end of the park - about fifteen to twenty minute drive.  Then you ask the guards to see the Rhinos.  They make a long, shifty speech about how they are going to bend the law and not break it and ask you to support them (monetarily).  Then one of the guards hops in the car and makes a series of phone calls to locate the Rhinos.  He tells you were to drive.  You park and they walk you right up next to the huge animals.

The next day when Katie and I were trying to replicate the Rhino sighting we had Thomas as our guide.  He kept saying, “No, mom, you have to go all the way to where there are green benches and then we will find Sam the guard.”  We get to the green benches and there are no guards to be seen.  So we sit and eat an orange.  In the meantime two huge buses of people roll up.  Out hops one of the Rhino guards.  He makes his way toward us to offer his “rule bending” services.


emily a. said...

You guys kill me. Most people would think guarded rhino's mean off limits, but not you guys!

Matt said...

To an upgrade for "viewing" the Rhinos, was it possible to pay a little extra to ride?