Friday, August 3, 2012

Male Nurse

I feel so grateful every time I get to send one of the car accident "victims" home.  it feels like they are safe and sound in the known comforts of home.  But I also feel selfishly bummed out. 

So here is an ode to Seth Wiggins for being the number one male nurse ever.  When we were making the decision of who should go with Seth on the flight from Harare to Johannesburg my heart was just broken.  I didn't want to leave my husband but I couldn't leave my little sister and one of my children (Insurance would only allow one child to go with me).  Wiggins stepped up knowing it could be weeks or more before he could go home. 

He fed, bathed, entertained and cared for Seth.  He explained doctor's conversations to me.  He fielded phone calls and dealt with insurance companies.  He held babies as they screamed, as they had stitches removed and as they needed some love.  He changed diapers, cleaned up puke and chauffeured.  And he only dropped Cali once. 

Seth Wiggins, thank you for being our friend.  Thomas, in one of his may fits last night, suddenly lost it and said, "Mom, I didn't get to say goodbye to the Wiggins. I miss him."  We all do! 

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Ditto Family said...

Seth Wiggins has moved up to our Christmas card list : )-- we already loved him but now he is number ONE in our books!