Sunday, September 30, 2012

Super Hero Missionaries

Nonie brought Thomas some Avenger’s PJs when she came to stay.  They have spurred a huge interest and focus on super heroes.  He talks about them, dresses up as them and invents new ones all of the time.  In conjunction with the PJs, his friend Chris gave him his old Spiderman costume, which Thomas wears almost every day.  It is hilarious to imagine him running around with all of the African kids here - the weird white boy in a Spiderman costume.  The other day he and Ronaldo came out of his room wearing ties.  Upon inquiry I was informed that, “Bernardo and I are going to go teach the kids about Super heroes.”

Thomas was showing us his Tai Kwan Doe moves. 
Seth: “Show us how high you can kick.  Now the other leg.  Now both legs.”
Thomas: “No, I can’t do both legs.  Then I will fall and break my bum skull!”

Seth was reading with Thomas in his bunk bed.  Thomas picked his nose. 
Seth said:  “Thomas don’t pick you nose that is gross.”
Thomas: “On my bed, I allow boogers.”

We grocery shop at a mall called “Arcades”.  Thomas asked me the other day, “Mom, is our cades everyone’s cades?”


Ditto Family said...

Your backyard looks huge! Tommy is my super hero! Looks like he has Halloween all covered for this year. Cali looks like such a mini-Caroline!

Emma and Dan said...

I know that you were willing to stay in Africa if the opportunity had presented itself, but I am so happy for you that you are with your family in California right now. I look forward to an update once you are all settled in and well rested. :)