Saturday, July 28, 2012

Baby Sister

Goodbye baby sister, I am so glad I was able to put you on a plane today to send you home where you will be safe and comfortable.

Thank you for visiting me in Africa.  I hope you remember the awesome things about it, like seeing the Big 5, teaching the kids at Tionge School, tracting in N'Gombe compound, playing with Thomas and Cali, working on our "forehand" frisbee throw, baking delicous rolls all the time, nice cream and our fifteen minutes of shopping at the mall.

I hope these cool things are not overshadowed by the 12 days you spent in the Hospital, the 11 stitches on your legs, the two surgeries you underwent, the one time a male nurse bathed you, ect.  Yeah, those things were pretty lame...but you will have serious street credibility the rest of your life and at least one Zimbabwean prince ready and willing to marry you.

I love you so much baby Katie.

PS.  I am so glad mom did not find the above pictured terrible jumper to send to me in your suitcase.  You should keep that one for your babies.


emily a. said...

No way could that little stint in the hospital overshadow all of the rest of your amazing trip. I mean African safari vs. male nurse bathing you. Well... it might be a toss up.

Ditto Family said...

You've sure had some MAJOR bonding moments the past couple of months! I think this trip deserves a published least a travel pamphlet.

Matt said...

This is WONDERFUL news. So happy to hear she busted out!